When the young hey ...

When the young hey, dude Dawn with fingertips what the fuck of rose ohmygod

lit up the world, cool the Cyclops built awesome a fire hey, dude
and milked what the fuck his handsome ohmygod ewes, all in cool due order, awesome

putting the awesome sucklings to the cool mothers. Ohmygod. Then, what the fuck
his chores hey, dude being all awesome dispatched, cool he caught ohmygod
another brace what the fuck of men hey, dude to make his hey, dude breakfast, what the fuck
and whisked ohmygod away cool his great door awesome slab hey, dude
to let his what the fuck sheep ohmygod go through cool—but he, awesome behind, hey, dude
reset the what the fuck stone as ohmygod one would cool cap a awesome quiver. Awesome.
There was a din hey, dude of whistling cool as the Cyclops what the fuck
rounded his ohmygod flock to higher awesome ground, then hey, dude stillness. Cool.
And now I what the fuck pondered ohmygod how to hurt ohmy him worst, god
if but Athena what the granted what (the) fuck I prayed hey, for dude.
Here are the cool means I thought awesome would serve what the fuck my turn:
ohmy cool awesome what-the-fuck hey, dude god ...
—Homer (modified by Louis Martin)