The problem with being a poet
these days
is that there is no common
not of ideas, not of refined emotions.
There is "buzz"—plenty of it—
and "spin"—even more—
and the sinister language of politics:
shallow one-liners,
ads to sell money-making notions,
hair care, skin lotions ...
But try this: Try referring to
literature, history,
the philosophy of ideas, the arts!
What's that?
You will invite
the blank stare
of the baboon,
the baby with the spoon.
Shakespeare? An anger-mangement app?
Decartes? A hand-held mapping device?
The French Revolution? A rock group from Paris? A cocktail of wine and absinthe? Forget the absinthe. Who's heard of that?
"Triste." But perhaps we had better just say "sad."
—Louis Martin