Doodley People

Doodley people.
Most people are if you look closely.
Picture Ann Romney tearing off her bra and telling Mitt to fuck her.
Now that would be "doodley."
But she doesn't do it. She wants to be the president's wife.
Anyway, it was the other guy's wife who did that. He wanted to be president too.

Doodley words.
"Exactly," he said.
"Absolutely," she shot back.
But they weren't responding to a question.
Everybody was saying those words and they wanted to say them too.
"Look," she said but she wasn't explaining anything to anybody. It was just the thing to say.
"Look at what?" he asked.
"Absolutely," she said, "and famously so."
"Famously?" he asked.
"Well, buster, everybody else is saying 'famously'! You got a problem with that word?"
The haze in the San Joaquin valley was "over the top."
"The top of what?" you ask?
"Well, you know, the top of something."
I was beginning to feel doodley myself.
—Louis Martin