New Star

I Search for meaning everywhere.
Swear by sea, each leaves more, wings seen,
dreaming forever; reach tree, die there;
stare bereaving scene; roar, beach, sigh!

But he didn't die right then and there because she was doing her nails and begged him—sigh, die, beach, reach—not to.

Leach hoar tea, clever preen, fling sly stairs.
Be severe, peach pouring, clean pair by.
Keen lore, teach lie, king never see pear.
Care? He reveling, fly birch, whore scream.

He died now and here. Her nails were lovely but he couldn't return to see them. His new star wouldn't—scream, keen, whore, lore—allow it.

I search for meaning everywhere.
Hair eye, be perch peeve, or ring ream.

—Louis Martin