Other World

Enter a new world;
Day to stir, twirl, rend.
Say, sir, you; bend girl-
squirrel, blue-ray, blur amends?

I enter a chamber of soft light, soothing sound.There is no room here for "cool" people, tattoos, cockeyed baseball caps, copy-cat goatees, and boom, boom, boom ...

amend, bend

A shadowy figure appears before me.

"Where is the way to the other world?" I ask.

"Which other world?" asks the figure, its voice a pleasing whisper.

"Any one," I say. "I want out of this one."

blur, her

"Are you sure?" asks the figure.

"I think so."

"Drink this," says the figure, "then lie down. When you wake this world will be gone and others will appear before you."

ray, decay

"But chose your new world carefully," says the figure.  Some are foul, even fiendish, like the one you come from; others are refined. The foul ones are loud and populated by greedy people who refuse to share. Avoid them, even though some of their mountains and valleys may still be beautiful."

blue, new

The refined ones," the voice goes on, "are beautiful and have mountains and valleys too, but the people are fewer and speak in soft voice and share everything they have. They are not like the other ones, who are always fighting and holding elections and referendums and refusing to let go, even of their own waste in the bathroom. "

squirrel, curl

"Avoid them," says the figure, now fading. "They will only make you sad."

Satyr, loose ends, swirl-
whirl, to greater lens.

—Louis Martin