Chose Your World

Night sky, luminous stars
A beautiful room, soothing light, a cushion
A chamber, soft music, violas, a flute
A contemplative state of mind

The lion tearing apart flesh
The tight-lipped grin of the banker
The mean pranks of would-be politicians
The high price of simple pleasures, hers

A lovely chamber
A great hall of peace
A quiet room
A well made bed

A long line
A form to fill out
A hot day
A crowded restroom

A garden with flowers
The shade of trees
A fountain of water
A flowing stream

Mean laughter
Kindness that comes with a threat
A piercing look
A smile that makes you cringe

A quiet cafe
A glass of wine
A gentle touch of the hand
Just you and me

Rowdy teenage boys
Bratty kids
"Cool, awesome,
Hey, dude!"

The world of troubles far away
A quiet cove nearby
The setting sun
An evening plan

Corporate profit
Personal loss
The same ol' ad infinitum
The latest trend

The book of life
A gentle breeze

The book of death
Dry lips, old bones.

Chose your world!
—Louis Martin