"Innovation" is a "cool" word these days but it mostly isn't about innovation.
It's about throwing out all good ideas except those that the bank thinks it can sell to Generation Lemmus.
It's about brattiness ad infinitum and smirks and smiles and one-upmanship.
It's about fashion and style and a sharper image.
It's about her looking her best and catching his eye or the other way around.
And it's about mindlessly pushing buttons and looking important.
And let's come clean on this one:  It's not about science and technology and knowing how something works.
"Who the fuck cares?" says the young man
with all the tattoos and baseball cap on backwards.
Higgs boson?
Pigs, toes on.
Sits upon stairs, stares.
It's about slogans like, "It just works" and me and my and now.
But mostly it's about the bank and the bottom line.
Jobs may have been a genius but he was also a pimp and a whore.
—Louis Martin