Something Beautiful

Like flowers pink and white;
Like a garden with a path that leads somewhere you want to go;
Like the fresh smell of hair that has just been washed;
Like a single long-stemmed rose in a slender milk-white vase;
Like the fluffy fur of a kitten stretched out on the floor;
Like sunlight penetrating the clouds and casting spots of glinting light over the ocean;
Like your lips close to mine, exciting my heart;
Like an open bottle of wine on a table;
Like coffee black and shiny in cups with saucers;
Like the taste of strawberry jam on buttered toast still warm;
Like the touch of your hand on my cheek;
Like a faint smile that says I'm all you desire;
Like a clean bed with a crack of morning sunshine coming through the windows like the first light ever;
Like soft music being played in another room;
Like being stretched out, all the muscles of the body relaxed, toes pointing;
Like time stopped, having run out, and now compressed into a single meaningful essence in which all things happen at once;
Like being and consciousness stretched out across the universe;
Like one big breath of life that contains everything;
Like camels in the desert,  mountain streams, a blade of grass, a snowflake, clear stars dazzling the night, the universe vibrating like the taut strings of a violin;
Something beautiful!
—Louis Martin