American Dream—Finale

The American Dream is to have more than you—a lot more—and to rub your nose in it and maybe break it while doing so. Don't like blood? Gonna be a flood.

The American dream is to kick your ass and to have my kids kick your kids' ass, and to have my wife scratch your wife's eyes out and to personally show your teenage daughter what it means to be a man, which you are not. Think you got a big one? Mine's bigger!

The American Dream is to be bad, plain bad—not "badass" with a few phony tattoos and a baseball cap worn backwards, or anything remotely thought to be nice these days. It means "you outta here, motherfucker!" Bam bam bam bam bam ...

The American Dream is advertising so slick that you might think that it actually means something if you don't stop and listen. It's the work of creative "wordsmiths" who ought to go to jail for pandering. They don't need the money that badly!

The American Dream is the right to bear arms or anything else if it gives you power over other people. Lethal force is the right of all Americans to take out annoying people once and for all. Wanna step outside, asshole?

Force lethal dream scream remorse? (no way!)
Power people right fright thrill-kill

The American Dream is to be the girl-next-door, video-porn-queen whore who gets her kicks this way: she imagines friends watching her get poked by a well-hung hunk from the rear. While friends drool, she is having an orgasm and gasping. Eat your heart out Barb, Brenda, Terri!

The American Dream is about owning electronic gadgets—many of them—but not knowing what an integrated circuit is or any kind of code other than a bar code. It's about knowing the outside of an object while being totally ignorant of the inside and how it works.

The American Dream is about being loud and obnoxious but thinking you have "attitude"; it's about the dullness of others and your own brilliance. If you are a young woman, the sun shines from your rear end so that others can see; if you are a young man, it's about dominating every conversation with your brilliant or original ideas.

The American Dream is about "creative" guys who think up schemes to rob others of their hard-earned money, then run for public office with the idea of robbing the whole country. Put on your thinking cap: Why not rob every Bob, every slob all at once? The idiots won't know.

The American Dream is about living your life as if you are an actor in a Hollywood movie, a third-rate one in fact, but thinking all eyes are upon you; it's about image and envy and one-upmanship and letting people know who's who, even if they have you all figured out, bub. 

Image office attitude ignorant queen
kicks code conversation schemes dreams
tub lies fullness ode snore
lean scream proud pubic factor

The American Dream is ... The American Dream ... But perhaps you've heard enough. Want to scream? Want to kick its ass? But that would be It too, wouldn't it? Want to simply never hear those words again, dearie? You got company, plenty of it! May I make a suggestion? When you hear those words, either start singing loudly and flailing your arms about, or just walk off. Maybe The Dream will wake up, get the point and go away or, not likely, get real!

(See also American Dream)
—Louis Martin