According to the Question

How do you pose a question? With its hair loose, bust out, slightly
parted lips, hips at that come-hither game’s over high score pinball
machine tilt? And the really big question—what do questions want?

You think that mark you put at the end of us says anything about
us? Like a clothes hanger without shoulders, shown from the neck
up, as if, in fact, you didn’t ever expect to drape an answer on it.

Think about the mark you make for woman, a circle with a cross for
a crotch. What’s that supposed to mean? Birth is a kind of reverse
crucifixion? Sex a forsaking? We’re tired of being your enigmas.

We’re tired of always being done the same way. We want to be in
the alpha position, as well as the omega. We want you to do us
upside-down and backwards, too, first and last, like the Spanish do.

Joe Smith