Steppin' Out

Let's step out, take five. Let's blow this joint; the world ain't big enough for me and you.

Shout, don't pout, talk the jive;
jam, goddamn, be alive;
World whirl, unfurl, hurl;
harlot hives, harlot wives!
stiches and bitches, riches and ditches.
Goodbye, baby, goodbye;
stop, step out, take five.

Close your eyes, realize another world unfurled; it doesn't have to be this way.

Eyes tell lies;
and unless you're a cow of color,
how's never as good as now.
Fan the flame of fantasy,
then twirl, uncurl,
be beyond.

"Hey, dude" denudes the language, and "awesome" isn't.

Rude is still crude,
love's not just lust,
and "awesome," most often, is awful.
Children, speak like men, not monkey-see, monkey-do, I-have-more-tattoos-than-you.
Hey, guy, some fundamental things still apply.

Unlock the world, let's go.

Crack the egg, crack the code;
be rash, dodge the lash;
catch the next strong current, flow.

music version
by Louis Martin