Resonance Resonating

I want to push my words to the boundaries of all known worlds—then beyond;

I want the lasting words, the enduring and endearing ones, to go casting about in space and time, becoming universal travelers and vagabonds, abandoning rhyme and all the other old familiar tricks;


Let them go as exiles in search of new meaning and utterance in uncharted territories of mindspace.

I want to be poet, musician, mathematician teetering on the edge of self destruction or resurrection.

Une duex, une deux trois ...

And I want the new-found words to stir the heart to a frenzy, to be the reverberation of a whole new generation of word geometry, sans Deuteronomy, with curls and rhythm in the most unlikely positions, with posture in the pasture and moisture left on Mars.

Oh, teach us how to be legal here but not there! Teach us the way of the Masters, Masters!

Trois deux, trois deux une ...

Let them uncover, these words on the run,

Trois deux, trois deux une ...

resonance of resident reality with gleaming generality, miracle glimmer, and the silky shimmer of plus Delius, Fredrick, with girls grabbing at his giant Ism thrusting and throbbing, in a most unholy rendition of—Heavens!—Heaven's Way.

Has He found the sweet duality-reality secret of the demonic?

Yī èr, yī èr sān ...

And, while plunging to the bottom of her sea seeing, has he heard the tales sonic of the sonar, so-far, over-water-and-under stars?

And does he reach with his word-and-beyond-word sounds into the realms regal of the non-rational geometry of tears? Has he calculated the angle between his tears and hers?

Yī èr sān sì wǔ, cing quatre trois deux une ...

Oblique, he has!, escaping the world of Things Obese and Obese Things' Law, riding the word-sound vibrations into the pure Resonance of I-Am, You-Are Being-Seeing.

Resamarbese ...
By Louis Martin