The Third Resonance: Fun

Resonance, reverberation, lasting rhyme, finally a position in Heaven, full time!

Oh, my, cutie pie my!

Residence, residents of a whole generation casting rhythm, the complete rendition of "Sonar So Sad."

Applause, please; peas and appease!

Rational and legal, time's posture and He shimmer.

But he was unlucky in whatever-that-is-or-isn't love.

Reality and geometry don't make it with curls, Ism stars and sonic bars.

Mind spoken, mine broken!

Regal teaches the moisture duality, and finally a glimmer of Delius, Fredrick!

Delirious day! May month of madly me, more madly you, fabulous us!

With generality, Deuteronomy, and great grabbing girls, we reached Mars feeling so demonic.

But neither the truth nor the devil was there.

Reaching for Mars and feeling so demonic, generality, Deuteronomy, and great grabbing girls combine.

Lush, sublime!

Now it's only a glimmer of Delius, regal and teaching moisture modesty and the duality of ducks.

Oh, the horror—Quack!—of it all!

The stars' sonic reality and the geometry of curls gave us great grabbing girls, Ism!

Thank god for the little ones but not their numb dumb mum mum mummies!

Shimmering rationality and legal time present us with poster posture: He, She, Her, Him.

One for the price of two, or is it two for the price of one? On your mark, get set, halt right there!

The sonar residence of sea-generation seeing residents were casting rhythm from the pier of a new rendition of the same ol' old thing:

Sedition reality.

Now wasn't that fun?
By Louis Martin